Mar 182011

PFCLogo_Small_TransThe pictures come pouring in from around the world – each one a simply composed shot of a cosplayer holding a sign – often prints or drawings of Japan’s flag, adorned with heart-felt words of inspiration, encouragement, and – perhaps – comfort.

The catalyst of this latest outpouring of support is the Prayers From Cosplayers campaign – a project that was conceived by Cosmode.Net Web Producer Tadaaki “Jacky” Dosai as an avenue for cosplayers and fellow fans of Japanese pop culture to send messages of hope and cheer to help lift the spirits of victims of the devastation wrought by the recent high-magnitude earthquake and subsequent tsunami that rocked Japan. The campaign was publicly launched on March 16. In a letter that went out to organizers, Tadaaki and World Cosplay Summit Organizer Edd Hoff outlined the project’s scope:

“As you know on March 11th 2011 the massive Tohoku Earthquake struck Northern Japan. As a small measure of assistance, we would like to announce a campaign called “Prayers for Cosplayers” to start March 16th 2011 6:00 pm (Japan time). Through this we can provide an opportunity for cosplayers around the world to send Japan messages of hope.

The only requirement is for you to collect photos of cosplayers holding an A4 size piece of paper with the Japanese flag and a brief message. Please access the homepage below to see a few samples.

This is a unique chance for cosplayers from around the world to come together impartially and express themselves in the best way they can. We sincerely hope for your support in this endeavor.”

Since the project’s public launch, Cosmode staff have been working within a tight schedule to sort through, prepare and upload submissions to the website. They have but a few hours a day as rolling blackouts currently plague the regions of Japan that still have access to electricity.

You can visit the Prayers From Cosplayers website at

Please keep the project’s guidelines in mind when submitting your photo (excerpt from the website):
Due to the nature of the site, the following photos cannot be posted:
– Photos using production logos.
– Photos using the logos of other organizations.
– Photos made from a composition with copyrighted illustrations.
– Photos in which an excess of skin is exposed.
– Photos that deviate from the bounds of common sense.
– Photos with political propaganda.

Please send your photo with a message written on a piece of paper or cardboard.

Other photos that the staff deem inappropriate also cannot be posted.

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