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“Prayers from Cosplayers” is a non-profit organization begun after the earthquake hit us here in Japan. In what is seen by some as a hopeless situation we are trying to provide a glimmer of hope. The PFC team has started a web page which we hope you feel is news worthy. Thank you for your attention.

‘Prayers from Cosplayers’ Project launches, sending Hope to Japan through a Smile

On March 13th 2011, “Prayers from Cosplayers” was launched as a volunteer campaign by individuals active in the global cosplay community. The project provides an opportunity for fans of manga, anime and game culture to send messages of courage to Japan which is facing a monumental challenge. The PFC web page was started on March 16th in 11 languages and already many cosplayers have sent photographs and messages of encouragement.

This is indeed the first time ever that cosplay culture has become a form of volunteer work on a global scale.

No matter which country, we sincerely hope that cosplayers can find it in them to send an empowering message. Eventually we plan to publish these invaluable images in a book for fans around the world to enjoy. All proceeds will be donated to charity.

The Prayers from Cosplayers team
Facebook: Prayers from Cosplayers
Twitter: PFC_JAPAN

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