Jun 212007

As of Midnight (Pacific Standard Time), the gallery finally opened its doors!! So far there’s only Sakura Con 2007, but there will be more to follow. This also marks a major milestone for the Cosplay Hunter project. For years, I’ve been watching the whole Cosplay Hunter concept take shape, all the while pipe dreaming about putting up a site and now… it’s actually up and flying. To tell you the truth, it feels kind of weird… Pretty cool, but weird. ^_^

So, what’s next?? PICTURES, MORE BLOODY PICTURES!! I’ll be spending the next few weeks reviewing, re-processing and back-posting galleries of past cons as well as keeping up with current cons I’m also in the process of starting up a couple of new sections: The Hunter’s Lounge where I’ll post interviews of local cosplay celebs and random cosplayers, and How’d You Do That?! where you will find cosplay How-to’s and tips.

And lets not forget ramping up for Anime Expo, which is a week away, as of this post (Ooooh, yeeeaaah!). My jubilance was temporarily stifled, however, by my discovering that I won’t be there for opening day due to work (Aw, bloody hell! o.O). Needless to say, I’ll be trying to make up for that over the following three days. So, if you happen to see me running around at con snapping pics like a paparazzo on speed, stop by and say hello. I’m not too hard to spot – just look for the guy with the bush hat.

Well, enough of this – I have pics to post and bags to pack. See you at AX!! ^_~

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