Jul 162007

My original posting setup was to process (e.g. select, minor editing, resize) all the pics taken at a given event prior to uploading them to the site. This sounded good at the time the site was launched as I finally struck a balance between work/hunting/etc… Heh, WRONG!! ^^;

After taking a couple of days off after Anime Expo (AX) to regain my motivation (All-in-all, AX was fun), I’m discovering that my day job is taking up ALOT more of my time than usual. That combined with assisting a friend with getting her big project off the ground (stir in a pint of laziness on my part), I find that I have to change my process/post philosophy. Obviously, this is having a major impact on maintaining the site and I’m getting pegged by friends and cosplayers cause I’m “taking too bloody long posting the bloody pics!” Gomen!! ^^;;;

So, from this point forward, I’m switching to a “post-as-I-process” plan. For example, if I happen to process only 40 pics in any given day, those pics will be posted that day. This means that there will be more posts with fewer pics per post. Of course, I’ll keep you updated as to when new pics are uploaded. Speaking of which, I will be posting part of AX’s day 2 pics (didn’t make it to day 1 due to work and flight schedule), as well as the Fate Stay/Night (Type Moon), D.Gray Man, and Naruto photo-shoots over the next few days (cosplayers: “YAAAY!!”). Speaking of Naruto, I also plan on posting the Kakashi vs. Zabuza chase/water battle shoot!! ^_____^ In short – I’m shooting for the goal of posting all of AX before (hopefully) heading off to Anime Evolution (AE) in Vancouver B.C., Canada.

Stay tuned kiddies – pics to follow soon!!

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