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First in its year, MiniComi is a small convention(?) event (?) that is 1 day only, and is structured to imitate the famous Comiket event in Japan bi-annually.  For those not in the know, Comiket is a 4 day endeavour that is basically a giant doujinshi (fan-comics done on, usually, the hot series of the season) and other fanmade goods market where people line up every which way and that to get to the tables that the different artists of your choosing are situated and buy copies of their newest works.  Some of these fan-artists are so popular that most of  their stuff gets sold out at Comiket even if people line up for hours for them (or so I’ve heard).  It is not an event to tackle lightly.  You’ll need to be prepared to line up for hours outside before the venue opens for the general public, then locate (beforehand with the guide) the artists you want to buy stuff from, and line up again for the goods.  If you want to get stuff from multiple artists, be prepared to strategize your routes and time wisely.  Given all the time you’ll be standing in line, it’s also best to be prepared to keep some food on you when your energy starts running low.  Basically, it’s like going into battle as a dear friend describes.

Fortunately for us, we don’t have to go into battle-mode like that.  Our MiniComi is as it’s named “mini”.  As I’ve mentioned, it’s a 1 day event held at UBC.  And best of all, it’s free admission!  You get to waltz in and look through the tables that our different local artists have set up and peruse their different anime-related wares.  You’re also welcome to come dressed up in cosplay.  After the market hours end, there’s a small concert by local bands to end the day as well.

As it’s starting out, the venue they’ve chosen is the ballroom on the second floor of the Student Union Building (SUB), near the bus loop.  It’s pretty accessible and not a bad start.  I hope they’ll be able to do well in future years as well.  I mean, who could resist going to a free event, amirite?

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