Sep 142011

If you’re looking for yet another local Vancouver con up in BC, Canada, there’s Cos&Effect ready at your service.  This is C&E’s first year and it’s got a moderate sized turn-out.  Most of the traffic is still through the SUB as it’s an area that’s opened to everyone whether you’ve purchased your pass or not.  The vendors are placed on the ground floor while the Artist Alley is placed in rooms on the second floor.  Obviously, traffic for the vendors were a lot better than the artists upstairs as the general public was able to look at the vendor’s tables as well.

I was actually behind a table, helping with selling things so I didn’t have time to wander around and poke through the panels and other happenings.  But from the response that I received about the con, it was generally a good response.

Word of advice: don’t leave your breakfast unattended… someone may take it and leave when you’ve turned your back on it for even just a moment!

You can check out their website at:

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