May 232012

2012 marked the year where a bunch of small local Vancouver conventions started cropping up all throughout the year.  The first anime-related convention in the 2012 Vancouver cons lineup belongs to our very first Fan-Expo Vancouver 2012.  Fan-Expo has been a very long-standing convention that started out east, and finally it has migrated all the way to our very own west coast!  But although it does include anime in its bosom, I have to say Fan-Expo caters to more of the Western comic books and TV/films persuasion and less of the Japanese anime taste.

Most of the vendors that set up tables at Fan-Expo’s hall sells Western comic books, comic books/movies related action figures, comic books/movies posters, related T-shirts and apparel, etc. etc.  So, if you’re into those types of awesome geekery, you’ll have a fantastic time at Fan-Expo.  Oh yes, there’s also the video game awards event that they host I believe.

Not to say there’s anything wrong, but if you were looking for more of the “traditional” Japanese anime-centric conventions, Fan-Expo might not be the one for you.  However, it does have a lot of other cool and neat stuff that you should definitely keep an eye out.  They bring in really cool guests!  Some of them are voice actors of cartoons and video games.  Some of them are celebrity/actor guests.  Just, lots and lots of amazing guests!  These guests have their own time slots for autographs and photos.  Some of them even have panels that you can go check out.

So, like I said, if you’re excited about this type of stuff, definitely go check out their website:

They have a facebook as well that you can follow.  They update pretty frequently whenever they have something new to tease the fans.

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