Mar 202014

Welcome and thank you for visiting the Otaku Social Calendar!

In our ongoing endeavor to deliver the best site experience possible, we’ve enacted a few enhancements:

Step Into the Light!
We’ve revised the site’s color scheme from the darker, media-oriented grey/black/purple to a more reader-friendly white/blue.
Putting More ‘Calendar’ in Otaku Social Calendar!
We’re expanding the events page to include conventions and events scheduled to occur for the entire west-cost. Initially, we intended to list only events that were scheduled for OSC coverage.
Social Links GO!
The-OSC.Com is now social media enabled! Visitors now can share articles to Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ by clicking on the social media links below each article! Plans for an OSC facebook page are in the works, but for now you can also follow us on Twitter @OSCTweetin!

Many more changes to come!

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