Jun 132007

General thoughts
At first, the year 2007 was not a convenient year for me to head out to any conventions because it was the year of going-away-and-join-a-volunteer-program for me. I was away from my hometown for 8 months, and I totally did not expect to be able to attend Scon07. However, after some last minute chatting and impulsive decisions, a friend that was still here during the weekend decided we should go. So we hopped into her car and went for the Saturday of the weekend! Amazing adventures I tell you, and also MAJOR thanks to my dearest friend, because without her, the experience of Scon07 would never had happened.

The transportation
As we’re both from the other side of the border, driving down proved to be an adventure and a half. Luckily, my friend, who was also the driver, was able to overcome the obstacles of getting lost and we were able to find ourselves at the Seattle Convention Centre. Still, driving around in downtown takes getting used to with all those one-way streets.

The convention
Saturday, being generally known as the most busiest of the day during a convention weekend once again proves true. There was a lot of attendees in the convention centre everywhere. Fortunately, the weather was really nice that day, and everyone got a chance to hang out in the courtyard outside for pictures and fun.
My friend and I thought of getting a day pass to join our friends (that were already at the convention), but the massive lineup at registration deterred us from doing so. We opted to just not go into any of the panels. Because my only reason for going was to hang out with my friends, and I really did not want to waste any precious time in lining up. However, some other friends that decided to head down to Scon with us for that day did lineup, and lost around 3 hours in the registration lineup. They weren’t able to check out much afterwards, and we had to be back in Canada by nightfall.

The final word
There’s not much else to say for Scon07, I remembered having a wonderful time just walking around and hanging out with my friends. However, in retrospect, I think it’d be even more satisfying if I was able to stay for the entire weekend instead of only attending Saturday!

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