Sep 102007

IT’S FINALLY BLOODY POSTED!!! Naruto’s Kakashi vs. Zabuza battle it out at the con – on land and in the water!! ^___^;;;

This was by-far the most… involving shoot I’ve had to process to-date. Numerous issues came up which either delayed or, at one point, almost halted posting altogether. In all, 103 pics were selected out of the 350+ (crikey! o.O ) taken from this shoot to maximize the presentation. During this shoot we seemed to have attracted quite the crowd – surely somewhere just over 100 spectators. The shoot lasted about 2 hours before security finally hauled out out of the water (Thanks security for your patience!!! ^^;;; ), but it was well worth it. Everyone had fun with this shoot and we all hope you enjoy it!

Check it all out in the AX2007 Photoshoot Gallery

I wonder what ever happened to Kakashi’s book… -_-

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