Dec 052007

From one Vancouver to another…

This year, I decided to check out another fan-con. KumoriCon, hosted primarily in Portland, Oregon, actually originated in Springfield, OR and has been in existence since 2003. Kumoricon was produced by Altonimbus Entertainment up until 2006, when they merged with the Kumoricon organization (feel free to E-mail any corrections).

This years con, however, was held for the first time in Vancouver, Washington. It was interesting to note that the city of Vancouver was holding their 150th anniversary celebration… directly across the street from the con (!?) Whoever worked the scheduling was either incredibly lucky or a bloody genius – the two events ended up playing off each other. Among the festivities, there was cosplayers clowning around with city staff members and shopping in the farmers market (Mmm, Hawaiian sno-cones… bliss it tell ya!), D.Gray Man Exorcists chatting it up with Noah family members (!?) and city citizens in period costumes, Deathnote’s Wammy House kids and Final Fantasy’s turks taking charge on *real* armour’d police vehicles! Oh yes, kiddies, pics are inside – in fact, day 1 random and photoshoot pics now up in the Kumoricon 2007 Gallery!

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