Jan 162008

If you didn’t/couldn’t make it to this month’s Gasukan (#3), you missed out – it was quite… special. Everyone had a lot of fun despite the intermittent rain. It was also at one point one of the quietest photoshoots I’ve ever taken part of, being that a good chunk of the shoot was taken inside a library. It was great seeing everyone! I’m already gearing up for the next shoot!

Speaking of which, next month’s Gasukan theme has already been declared: “A Red Thread“… as in “Red Thread of Fate”… (Updates to follow). I may toss in a cracked-out idea or two. Yes, expect a couples shoot. I’ll leave the pairings up to your imagination…

In the meantime, the first wave of pics are now posted in the Events gallery. I’ll be posting the remaining pics as I finish processing them, so check back regularly!

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