Feb 152008

Yep, site went down again… FOR A F#*&!%$ WEEK!!! That makes approx. Two weeks downtime since the New Years’ Eve (17 days if you go back to Dec. 14). Da Hunter’s NOT happy – took me this long to chill enough to write this post!! Right now, I’m working on a few things that will add some “Plan B’s” to site availability. Maybe I’ll also look into hiring out Shonen Batto and Princess Punie to bea-*cough*… Um, I mean give a little… “love” to the hosting provider staff responsible to initiating a datacenter move without giving a bloke the courtesy of a heads-up!

*sigh… Find your happy place, Jim, your happy plaaace!*

In the meantime, Gasukan 4 pics will be posted shortly (yaaaay!!), as well as a “D18”-ish Hitman Reborn! shoot (gotta give the fangirls some lovin’ too)!!

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