Mar 262008

Photoshoot pics now up in the SakuraCon 2006 Galleries!

One of the big shoots of the con was the Bleach vs. Full-metal Alchemists battle. ‘Tis was an epic and bloody battle! You can still hear the war cries the opposing parties, the thunder of the masses on a collision course with karmic fate as shinigami engages alchemist in the climatic and decisive melee of Jan-ken-pon!!! Wait… Um, Jan-ken-pon? … Jan-ken-freakin’-pon!? o.O You yankin’ my chain!? Who’s the bloody smurf-crack smokin’ nutjob that wrote this crock of shi-

oh, yea, that was me… heh heh ^^;;

One Piece rounded out day 2’s nut-fest and general insanity resumed with Bleach on day 3. Yep, this pretty much completes posting for SC2006. In a nutshell, this was the first year SakuraCon was held in Seattle. Frankly, I wasn’t sure how it was going to fare with the change in venue, but looks like my concerns were for naught. ^_~

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