Mar 282008

Camera … CHECK!
Camera bag … CHECK!
Clothes … CHECK!
Hat … CHECK!
Hotel check-in … CHECK!
Pick up badge … CHECK!
Sleep … CHE -um, yea, right… As if!!

SakuraCon’s a GO! This year, I’m taking part in a Cosplay Photographers panel that will be headed by fellow photog Darkain, so If you’re attending, see ya there!!

Meanwhile, I’ve started up a Random Shoots gallery under the Event galleries. Photoshoots that don’t pertain to any particular event or gathering will be placed here (e.g. private shoots, random silliness, etc.). To kick off the new gallery, I posted some sakura battle action a-la Hibari vs. Mukuro (Hitman Reborn!) that was shot while hanging out with friends and cosplayers Rai, Ultima-chan, and Faloresque (also shooting). This photoshoot almost canceled due to crappy weather and lack of trees that were (supposed to be) in bloom. Enjoy!! ^__~

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