Apr 102008

Well, the past week has been… eventful. I’ll spare you the details and give you the short story.

I paid a visit to my local hospital this weekend due to my back being besieged by painful muscle spasms. How painful? VERY F$@%&*#! PAINFUL!! Almost as bad as dealing with bruised/cracked ribs – the difference being the slightest touch didn’t leave you wanting to die to escape the pain – just everything else. T.T An X-ray and CAT Scan revealed a blood-clot in my lung. From that point, I was immediately admitted and placed on a regiment of blood thinner, anti-coagulant and some potent pain meds (aaaah, pain meds…).

Fast-forward a few days to today (as of this post). I’ve been released from the hospital and in recovery-mode at home. In short, the big plan is for me to stay on the blood thinner and anti-coagulant to assist my body in dissolving the clot and to prevent new ones from forming (and the sweet pain-killers to keep me mobile). Ok, that, along with planned frequent scheduled visits to my primary doc, an anti-coagulant therapy clinic, and a hematologist… -_-

So, what does this mean for the Cosplay Hunter?? For the most-part, not too much – I’m down but not out. I’ll still show up to all the planned cons and shoots, but per doc orders, I’m restricted from any extraneous activity, so no (literal) chasing after cosplayers for the time being. SakruaCon 2008 picture posting will be slightly delayed. With any luck, I’ll have Day 1 (and perhaps a couple of photoshoots) posted by this weekend.

Huge, warehouse-sized “Thank You’s” to my buds and roommates Rai-chan and Adrienne, as well as my pals Jason, Kyle, and Dani, for driving me to the hospital and for all the support you’ve given me. I also want to thank my bud (and supervisor) PJ, his supervisor, Bob, and all of my coworkers at my day-job for visiting me and sending the get-well cards, poster and flowers. I seriously doubt I would have gotten through all this crap without all of your help and support. Last but not least, big “Thank You” to my on-line buds who sent me get-well wishes! Seriously, you guys rock!

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