Apr 302008

A not-so-brief update: It’s been almost a month since my adventure in Hospital-land (see previous post) and I’m starting to feel human again. I’m more or less out of pin-cushion mode where various M.D.’s, Ph.D’s, RN’s, OMG’s, BBQ’s and seemingly every other acronym poke and prod me for their share of blood, all the while placing me on blood thinners anticoagulants to dissolve the clot and keep new ones from forming.

Well, after all of that testing, they found… Nothing… Nada… Zero… !?!? No signs of a clot source that would have contributed to the embolism, no genetic disposition was found in the tests, nothing. Basically I was told that this thing could have easily done me in, yet by all accounts, shouldn’t have happened. So, WTF!? o.O For now, the big plan is to keep me on anticoagulants for about a year, after which it becomes a big wait-and-see if I suffer another event.

Everyone has been really supportive of me (again BIG THANKS TO EVERYONE!!) Thankfully, my breathing is back…. mostly. I’ve regained my full range of breathing (e.g. can breathe without feeling like I got donkey-kicked in the ribs), but haven’t quite regained lung capacity. As a result, stamina has been affected as I find myself losing energy about half-way through a busy day. My primary doc says that’s most-like due to the sleep apnea (another long story – no, I’m not going into it!).

All of this has been rather physically and emotionally draining – more so than I was willing to admit at the time. The website took more of a back-seat than I had anticipated (nowhere near finished processing/posting Sakura Con pics and site updates are on-hold ). No worries though. I’m slowly getting my groove back and resumed plowing through pics.

Expect an update prior to the next Gasukan shoot (I believe it’s this weekend). Yes, kiddies, I’ll be there! ^__~

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