May 312008

W00t!! reached a milestone as the site hit the one-year mark! I always figured that I’d have have a more interesting or reflective post for this occasion, but the only thing that comes to mind is onward and upward! I still need to complete the back-post of the remaining past cons before I can move on to the next phase of the Cosplay Hunter project. On a more recent note, I’ve spent the better part of May on a full site upgrade and working on adding new features to the site.

Meanwhile, I finally got around to posting Day 3, along with an impromptu “Dead Ninja” photoshoot to the SakuraCon 2008 Gallery. I also got to spend a day hanging out with Rai-chan, Ultimaa-chan, faloresque-chan, and Lee-chan in Seattle for a Subasekai photoshoot. You can check out those pics in the Random Shoots section of the Cosplay Events Gallery! ^__~

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