Nov 222010

Travel and Accommodations
This year, the trip down was a little different than usual… I carpooled with a few friends that spent most of the day doing last minute costume-makings hence we started our drive late. Also, most of us were sleep-deprived because of said costume-makings… and thus the ride was made immensely more… “exciting”

The thing that stood out most from this ride for me was: Mountain Dew in the States have caffeine, they don’t in Canada. Pro-tip!

For this year, I stayed at the Homewood Suites Seattle. I absolutely loved staying there! The room felt super comfortable, even the lobby was relaxing to be in. The dining room is just next to the lobby and there’s copious amounts of glass so it’s super bright during the day. The food at the hotel was delicious and the bed was super comfortable! My friends and I picked this hotel because they have kitchens in their rooms. We didn’t want to eat out every day so we decided we’d cook food for ourselves. Also, it was quite cheap food-wise for us too!

Convention Grounds
I couldn’t really tell if I’ve explored all of the grounds that the convention has spread out to. It just seemed so big!

Although it was nice to see signs with cosplay-friendly warnings. XD
A tell-tale sign that you are truly at a convention!

This year, Scon as able to invite High and Mighty Color as their big musical guest. I’ve only heard of their old songs so I wasn’t as interested. However! The guest that caught my attention was Ms. Tanaka Mayumi! Tanaka-san is a well-seasoned veteran voice actor in the industry. I think undoubtedly her most successful and recognizable role by far would have to be Monkey D. Luffy from the ever famous and long-time standing Jump series, One Piece. I was indeed extremely excited and happy getting to see her in person and was even more ecstatic when I heard she will have a mini performance besides having a “Meet&Greet” kind of panel.

I went in just as Tanaka-san’s son (I heard, not sure if this is true ^^;) had finished his juggling act on stage. A group of girls dressed as the K-ON band came on stage afterward and did a gig before Tanaka-san came on stage.

Apparently, one of the girls is a huge fan of Tanaka-san and even wrote her a letter that she read for her on stage. It was quite cute and she even cried on stage from being emotional. Of course, Tanaka-san accepted the letter and feelings with grace. After that, it was time for her part of the performance!

Ms. Tanaka Mayumi dressed as Luffy, performing “We Are!” from One Piece with other cosplayers dressed as One Piece characters as her back-up dancers in the background.

She performed a few songs such as: Geki! Teikoku Kagekidan (from Sakura Taisen), We Are! (from One Piece), and a song that was brilliantly (and hilariously) performed by Tanaka-san. She said this song was from a single she once put out years and years ago but wasn’t quite a big hit before she performed it, not sure if this was part of her humour or if it was the truth. What I do know is that it was amazingly performed by her on stage and I’m glad I was able to see it live! Overall, this was probably the highlight of my weekend: Getting to see Tanaka-san in person and watching her mini performance! I really hope S-con continues to bring over cool guests such as Tanaka-san as I’m sure other convention attendees would pay high dollars if they knew their favourite voice actors are making a visit at their local convention!

On Friday night, I decided to hit up one out of many of the panels scheduled at Scon: the Katekyo Hitman Reborn! panel. It was hosted by 2 of my good friends so I attended in support of them (not mentioning the fact that I’m quite a Reborn! fan myself /cough/). The panel was quite lax and everyone (or mostly everyone? the ones that left a comment about it) enjoyed the panel. The hostesses are planning another one next year and I’ll most likely be there to attend and possibly help out with figuring out the machines again.

Fran and Mukuro at the Katekyo Hitman Reborn! panel on Friday night.

Final Word
This year has been my 5th year attending Scon and it just seems like there were more people this year than last (although I’m not entirely sure how that can happen)! Scon has grown steadily bigger and bigger over the years. I still remember when it was only a “hotel-con”, still held at the Hilton+Marriott. I am really happy to see it developed so well. I hope to see it continue to flourish and the attendees to enjoy the convention as a whole.

On a surprising note, Tanaka-san made an appearance at the One Piece photoshoot gathering on Sunday of the convention! I was not there in person but I heard she was quite surprised and enjoyed the sheer numbers of the One Piece cosplayers at the gathering. It was nice to know that and I hoped she had a great time visiting us at Scon this year!

Even “Tiger Woods” say it’s good! 8D
(GJ “Tiger Woods” cosplayer! XD)

Until next year!

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