Jun 042008

Sorry about the late notice – details for the next Gasukan photoshoot has been posted on the Cosplay.com Forums:

Theme: “Homeward Bound”/”On the Road Again”
Date: Saturday, June 7th (06/07/08 ^^)
Time: Start gathering at noon
Location: Gasworks Park, Seattle

Excript from Kumi-chan’s post on Cosplay.Com:

“Continuing from May’s shoot, this is a dual-theme. The first, “Homeward Bound”, refers to the fact that we’re returning to our home base at Gasworks. The second, “On the Road Again”, is a prop theme. As usual, you can follow either theme, both, or ignore at will.

The overall theme of the shoot could be seen as “travel”. Since we’re heading into the summer season a lot of us will be taking trips, either heading home from college, taking road trips with our friends and families, or attending out of state cons.

Interpretations of the theme:
– What would your character take with them on a road trip or long journey?
– Characters that spend a lot of time traveling around, either for their job or because they’re a wanderer by nature.
– RPG-inspired shows: Magic Knight Rayearth, Slayers, Record of Lodoss War, etc.
– Shows that involve a journey to another world: El Hazard, Fushigi Yuugi, Inuyasha, etc. Often tie into an RPG-style adventure, so there’d be some crossover between the two.”

See you there!! ^__~

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