Jul 142008

Gomen! I know I’ve been away too long… I needed a mini-hiatus from the site to 1) deal with the sudden motivational slump I’ve fallen into – before going full-bore into con-season, 2) get refocused on projects at my day-job (which partly led to item #1), and 3) Work out my next moves for the Cosplay Hunter project (both the concept and the character). Needless to say, this have left me with an increased backlog… T.T

Well, things are slowly getting back to normal (yes,kiddies, that means that I’m processing pics again) and will resume posting soon. Let’s see… I still have Gasukan 5, 6, and later 7 (see upcoming post for details), still haven’t finished posting SakuraCon pics, afterwhich it will be on to AnimeExpo pics, and finally (for now) pics from the Cosplay Parade (see upcoming post for details).

Ok, enough of that – gotta get back to work… Stay tuned, ya little ankle-biters! ^^;;;

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