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Aki-con 2010 was held during the weekend of November 5-7 at Hilton Bellevue Hotel. This was my second time attending this convention and I wasn’t sure what to expect of it. I had a wonderful time last year and was quite looking forward to Aki-con 2010.RA Grani


Travel and Location
This year, instead of being in Everett again, the convention changed location and moved into a bigger hotel further down south in Bellevue, WA.

The structure of the hotel building is quite unique.  It features a slant surface of glass on the front side of the hotel with the higher levels of the indoors looking out into the main floor of the lobby.

Travel-wise it wasn’t a bad drive either.  Like last year, except just a tad longer in the car.  We kept ourselves entertained during the ride with copious amounts of horri-bad car karaoke.  It’s actually really fun to do it!… just as long as /everyone/ in the car does it and no one feels left out.


Artist Alley / Dealers Hall
Being in a different venue, the placement of the AA and Dealers were changed compared to last year.  Utilizing the hallways of the lower level of the hotel, AA tables were placed like a snake along the walls of the hallway where people can look at the tables while walking towards their destinations.

There’s good and bad to this:

The good part is that AA artists get more exposure from an increase in traffic flow.  Even when attendees didn’t intend to go visit AA, they’ll still be able to look at the AA tables without making any actual effort to go there as they’ll just be on their way to head to their panels.  Increase traffic flow generally leads to an increase in purchases.

The bad part was that hallways aren’t always meant for this type of usage.  Once the traffic flow reaches a certain level, it becomes difficult for people to move in the hallway.  Especially when the width of the hallway is not big enough to accommodate the combination of pockets of people standing to look at tables and also other people trying to walk through the hallway.  If the ratio of the people standing is bigger than the people trying to walk down the hall, then the people walking would have a big difficulty getting to their destination.

But, I digress.  In any case, it’s always a lesser of 2 evils that organizers must choose.  And I’m sure attendees had a lot of fun that weekend. =)


Musical Guests
As I mentioned last year, I was unable to catch Rai Kamishiro‘s concert due to the fact that I had to travel back to my side of the border while her concert was scheduled on the Sunday.  Luckily, this year her concert was not on the Sunday.  It was originally scheduled on Friday night, but due to some scheduling mishaps and mis-communications, it almost got cancelled completely.  However, luckily that was remedied and her concert was rescheduled to Saturday!  I’m glad I was finally able to see her sing live, it was really fun being there and supporting her with fellow fans and friends!

Check out her facebook page for more up-to-date updates on her recent activities!


There weren’t really much food options around the hotel compared to last year.  However, there was a cafe right in the lobby of the hotel where one can purchase a snack like this:

 But if you venture out of the hotel, there is Cheesecake Factory at the mall a few blocks away from the hotel:

Featured is Pumpkin Cheesecake with 2 MEGA HUEG dallops of cream, and I believe that was Broccoli soup on the right.

Or, if you stayed at a hotel with a kitchenette provided, you can always make your own meals to save up on funds:


Small cons are great for hanging out with friends.  It’s less hectic and you get to really treat it like a vacation or a relaxing weekend if you want and have nothing too big planned!  Cons are as good as you can enjoy it.  So, enjoy it at its fullest, however which way you want!  Next time, I’d suggest bringing your swimsuits so you can take a dip in the swimming pool if you find you have nothing planned to do!

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