Aug 132008

Sorry for the late post folks! Details for the next Gasukan photoshoot has been posted on the Forums:

Theme: “Connected through Memories” / “Baby, the Stars Shine Bright”
Date: Sunday, August 17th
Time: Start gathering at noon
Location: Edmonds waterfront (Brackett’s Landing / Edmonds Underwater Park)
Other Locations (may be used during the shoot): Downtown Edmonds, ferry to Kingston, Kingston

Excripts from Kumi-chan’s thread on Cosplay.Com:

Connected through memories. Sort of inspired by Obon, which depending on which part of Japan you live in, can be celebrated in July or August. If you’re not familiar with the holiday, it bears some similarities to Mexico’s Dia De Los Muertos; essentially, a holiday to remember those who have passed. Most of the celebrations in the Seattle area are taking place in July (there’s another one this Saturday in Tacoma), but in Japan it really does depend on which region you’re from. I believe it has something to do with the difference between the solar and lunar calendars.”

“Anyway, that’s the inspiration. Interpretation? Up to you. Who’s connected by memories? Childhood friends, lovers, family, comrades…the important thing is the connection they share, no matter what separates them. Death, time, distance…if you’ve shared experiences with another person, you remain linked to them long after you’re no longer physically together…”

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright. Our prop theme! Yes, the name is taken from the well-known clothing brand, so lolita fashion is quite welcome. But I’ve been saying I’d like to do a “Star” theme for a couple of months now. We’re a bit past Tanabata, but I think it’s perfect for the summer months. Try to incorporate a star or star motif into your outfit or props.”

Be sure to check back here, as well as Kumi-chan’s post for further developments.

See you there!! ^__~

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