Apr 092009

FINALLY!!! Up and running again, and just in time for SakuraCon!

For the most-part I was able to restore the old site. Since I ended up manually rebuilding the site, you may notice some minor difference in the galleries.

Relaunching the site was delayed partly by my having to relocate pics to repost to the restored galleries, which has nailed home the need for me to do some housecleaning of my photo archives. That said, I still have some tweaking and cleanup that needs to be done to the site before I can resume working on improvements (e.g. fixing broken links).

Speaking of pics, I’ve made some new posts! AkiCon 2008 is up in it’s entirety, as well as Gasukan 15 (I’m still working on past cons and events and will announce those as they’re posted).

In the meantime, SakuraCon’s is once again upon us! See you there!!! ^__~

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